EarthNight Website is up! – Asking and Receiving Help of Earth

The EarthNight website is up, with pamphlet, forum, and blog. The home page is a pamphlet to help find or found the EarthNight you need. The blog adds detail over time. The Forum is where we can ask questions, introduce ourselves, build local groups, and improve this website. EarthNight starts with you!

EarthNight is a worldwide local movement that has been going strong since 2010  in one location in West Newton, MA.  Now it is time to send this pattern out widely. All this time we have been building a framework and a pattern that we think others could use.   Does it work?  You tell us!

This initial website constitutes a pamphlet that you can use to consider finding or founding an EarthNight group of your own.  EarthNight starts with you!  You are the EarthNight we need.  EarthNight is us!

This website also contains a Forum area.  There is space to introduce yourself, to ask questions, to improve this website, and to pull together your local EarthNight group.

Please use the Forum to help us make this website useful to you.  Ask your questions. Tell us what you need more of.  And be patient.  Talk among yourselves while you wait for us to reply.  This initial website is managed on a volunteer basis by non-experts with limited time!




What is EarthNight?

EarthNight is a worldwide local movement designed around a weekly two-hour shared practice of asking and receiving help of Earth.

Earthnight is us! Earthnight starts with you! You can find or found the EarthNight you need. You can find a way to thrive with all around you. You can find a way to ask and to receive the help of Earth.

The stakes are high, to wait for another. You are the EarthNight we need.

EarthNight Shared Garden

Earth Night is a shared garden. A few of the gardeners include Peter, Liz, Vittorio, Sarah, Larry, Kathryn, Mary Elizabeth, Joanne, Brenda, Dorothy, Kathy, Jake, Mike, Val, David, David, Annie, Amy, Eden, Lynn, Laura, Alan, Nancy, Emily, Lee, Mark, Adrian, John, John, John, Tomas, Joan, Angela, Thomas, Ramona, and Christina with Basirah, Jesse, Jeffrey, Stephen, and more.

Updated:  to add a few missing names from the Shared Garden,